I love meeting people, on my radio show at SEN I love to ask people to call in for a chat its my “In their shoes” section, here I like to focus on listening to the story of a person.

I strongly believe WE are more the same than we are different!

If you share your successes and struggles you help others, inspire them. Strong women are all resilient, this is key to my life and I am keen to help do what I can to help find a voice for women through articles and here on my website. I’m going to continue with my mission in so you will see written interviews, videos and event podcasts.

  • Interviews with others about community issues and peoples journey
  • This is for people to share their stories with me, their trials and tribulations of life.
  • We could do with Kleenex sponsoring this !! 🙂 x

Would you like to be interviewed?